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Helping raise healthy, happy, children who follow Jesus Christ and contribute to the betterment of Malawi, AFrica.



Help raise children to become healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults following Jesus Christ and contributing to the betterment of Malawi, Africa.

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Your generous gifts provide everything a child needs to thrive, a safe home, medical attention, regular meals, proper clothing, a sound education, and, most importantly, the love of God.

Find out how you can help contribute to the work God is doing in Malawi through the lives of each child in our care.



We are always building something at Upendo! Since opening in 2012, the Children’s Village has expanded into a large complex of buildings surrounded by a wall.

Read the latest news about the building projects we have completed and learn about our plans for 2018.


Some kids arrive at Upendo in need of special tutoring. We are educating each child to the highest level they can achieve and preparing them for a career.

Do you have a passion for education, or sharing God’s love? Join us on a mission trip and help the children grow.



The children of Upendo are under the care of Bishop Samuel Mkisi and his wife Florence, and we all worship together at the Church on the Wings in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Find out more about how Upendo is making a difference in the lives of children.