Our Mission & Vision

A not-for-profit called Upendo Children’s Village has also been created in the U.S. Its mission is to provide oversight, support, protection and assistance to Upendo Children’s Village in Mzuzu, Malawi, through prayer, financial support and missionary presence whenever possible. Its vision is to help Upendo Children’s Village in Mzuzu to raise the children to become healthy, happy, responsible and independent adults following Jesus Christ and contributing to the betterment of Malawi, Africa.

Our History

The founders of Upendo Children’s Village, Bishop Samuel Mkisi and his wife Florence, live in Mzuzu, where they pastor Church On The Wings and oversee a growing number of branch churches all over Malawi. Every Sunday, the children are driven into the city of Mzuzu where they worship at Church On The Wings and are taught the Word of God by Samuel and Florence.  Many of the children help lead worship during the service.

In 2012, by God’s divine arrangement, and with the help of Christian churches and ministries headquartered in Rochester, NY, Samuel and Florence began an orphanage in Mzuzu to meet the needs of orphaned, abandoned and endangered children in the area. Today, this orphanage is called Upendo Children’s Village and is currently home to more than 60 children.




Bishop Samuel & Florence Mkisi


Bishop Samuel Mkisi
Florence Mkisi
David Branch
David Domina
David Peschell
Lynda Cowie
Martin Siegrist
Jason Tones


Bishop Samuel Mkisi, President
Florence Mkisi, Vice President
David Branch, Co-Chairman
David Domina, Co-Chairman
Jason Tones, Secretary & Treasurer
Lynda Cowie, Head Missionary
Nicole Tones, Trip Coordinator