My Upendo Story: Denise Friedman

I remember meeting with Nicole after she returned from one of her trips. As she shared, with tears in her eyes about her experience, I was instantly filled with love for these children I had never met. I prayed about what I could do to help, as I was not able to afford to go to Malawi at that time. I could, however, become a clothing sponsor for the children. This entails filling the needs of clothing or school supplies once or twice a year for a child as teams travel to Upendo.

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Jeffrey Roeters
My Upendo Story: Becca Oldham

So often, when people ask me, “Why Africa?” “What is it about Africa that keeps bringing you back?” Im not sure exactly what to say. Of course, like any place, there are many different reasons. But I feel like this story illustrates best, what I feel is the most special about Malawi, and more specifically, Upendo...

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Becca Oldham