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Building projects


Solar Lights

We installed solar lights in the residential houses – now the kids can do their schoolwork in the evenings!

Filtration system

We can now remove sand from the municipal water supply in the compound which prevents clogged pipes and damage to faucets.

Playgrounds &
Picnic Tables

We installed a solar street light in the courtyard, built picnic tables  and expanded the playground.

Let’s Finish the Wall this Year!

Your gifts to the Special Projects Fund will help us to raise money for large building projects that we have prioritized for 2018 and beyond:

In Africa, if you don’t have a wall around your property, you haven’t fully taken possession of it. People trespass, goats wander away or are stolen. With your help we have built a wall around most of the village, but several sections remain. To keep everything and everybody safe and secure, it is crucial that we complete the wall around the perimeter.

We are prioritizing a100-foot section of wall by the Goat House. Young goats sometimes wander into our neighbor’s property, and several have recently been stolen. Since this part of the boundary line is on a downhill slope, we will need to dig drainage ditches to divert water away from the foundation of the wall. The total cost for this section is $7,500 [100 x $75/foot]

We estimate the cost for completing the entire wall is $50,000.